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What I’m reading for 2023: Eric Ervin, CEO

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I won’t focus on what 2022 was like—we all know what that was like, it was tough. Living through major historical and market events is starting to feel like the norm at this point, I know everyone feels like they could use a break. Instead, I want to highlight the fact that we, as an industry, grew through it. While the digital asset space was no exception in the rule of chaos, it emerged stronger with lessons learned and better foundations built. 

This brings me to 2023. If you look at past moments in the market like these, you’ll see that patterns provide hope. We’re coming out of a certain phase as an industry, the one where the bad actors are filtered out, and we find balance through regulation, persistence, and opportunity. The internet went through this phase—so did the railroads and the telephone. What a new year promises us is the benefits that come from that balance. We now get to reap what we sewed from the events of 2022, which is more transparency, more trust, and more great minds working to give this asset class and its investors the attention they deserve. 

I’m excited and eager to see what 2023 will bring, and when it comes to what you’ll need to support your clients in the coming months, Onramp has you covered. We may not have a crystal ball, but we are continuously growing and optimizing our tools and resources to keep you prepared to tackle anything that comes your way. In 2023, you can expect more partnerships, more resources on regulation, and the transparency you need surrounding our product and due diligence. We’re determined to contribute to making this industry as secure and accessible as possible, because (at the risk of sounding cliche, it’s true) digital assets are the future, and everyone deserves to be a part of it.

One of the many great things about the digital asset space is that it attracts a lot of great minds, so there’s no shortage of research published to help stay on top of the market. We’re a bunch of nerds here at Onramp, so we do a lot of reading. Here are a few of the pieces that my team and I recommend checking out if you want to learn more about where we’ve been and where we’re going as an industry in 2023.

For a 2023 outlook:

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Coindesk x Consensus Magazine: Crypto 2023

Forbes Advisor: Crypto Outlook For 2023

For a look back on 2022: 

Glassnode: 2022 The Year On-chain

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Coincenter: On the digital asset anti-money laundering act

Bitcoin Magazine: Inside Cuba’s bitcoin revolution

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For fun:

Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin and the American idea

Reason: Bitcoin Is protecting human rights around the world

Thank you for being a part of Onramp in 2022. We look forward to tackling another year with you.