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What If the CFP® Exam Included Cryptoassets?

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What If the CFP® Exam Included Cryptoassets?

Onramp was created by financial advisors, for financial advisors, full stop. Our CEO and Co-founder, Tyrone Ross, is a distinguished financial advisor. Our CIO and Co-founder, Eric Ervin, known as a quantitative investor/innovator, is also a CFP®. Our team members have collectively spent nearly a century working as Financial Advisors, with designations ranging from CFA to CFP® to CIMA® to AIF® and the rest of the alphabet soup of designations. The point is, we know what it means to be an advisor, to operate within the fiduciary duty, and we carry a tremendous amount of empathy for our peers.

We also know a thing or two about crypto, how it differs from traditional assets, and how they are currently patched together like a rickety bridge. Of course, you don’t want rickety bridges; you want a sidewalk that lights up like the one in Michael Jackson’s video for Billie Jean.

As the cryptoasset space evolves, the education system that empowers advisors to do their best work should evolve as well. One challenge is the world of crypto innovates faster than most can keep up with. As a result, traditional finance organizations that are not actively involving themselves in the trenches of crypto may feel a bit lost. It’s why we built Onramp Academy, a cryptoasset education platform for advisors, and filled it with over 100 pieces of content to use as they navigate the new world of layer 1s, 2s, and Web3s.

Throughout thousands of conversations with advisors, one question continued to come up that we thought was interesting, “if the subject of cryptoassets were embedded in the CFP® exam, what would change?” The CFP® designation is widely considered the gold standard for both advisors and the clients they serve, so we thought the question was a compelling one.

So, in typical Onramp fashion, we pulled a Simone Biles and did a Yurchenko double pike into the course material (we think we stuck the landing too). Today, we are pleased to announce that our full review is available for all Onramp Academy users. The intent of the report is to provide financial advisors with a resource to compare their current credentials with the potential credential curriculum of the future. In addition, we will be sending this report to the CFP® for further discussion at their discretion.

The report is 55 pages in length and includes cryptoasset commentary on each of the eight sections of the CFP® exam (including the newly minted Psychology of Financial Planning section). In our opinion, it’s a must-read for every financial professional as the space evolves in the digital realm.

If you are not an Academy member, use the form below and we will email you the report.

As always, educate before you allocate!

With gratitude,
Your Onramp family