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Onramp Invest™ Integrates with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®

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Onramp Invest is excited to announce a direct integration with Morningstar ByAllAccounts. Now, financial advisors can send their client’s crypto information from Onramp to any of the 22 portfolio accounting platforms that exchange information with ByAllAccounts, such as Addepar, Black Diamond Reporting, Envestnet | Tamarac, Orion Advisor Services, Morningstar Office, and more.

Now more than ever it’s critical for clients to get guidance on their crypto assets as part of a complete portfolio analysis. The ability for financial advisors to view their client’s cryptoassets with their traditional assets inside their preferred technology solution just got a lot easier. Now, financial advisors can unlock new value when delivering comprehensive advice. Whether delivering a financial plan or portfolio review, our integration with Morningstar ByAllAccounts will keep your client’s information up to date and your recommendations inclusive of their entire financial picture.

Sending investor crypto data to other financial services seems like an obvious necessity, but it’s not as simple as connecting one feed to another. Crypto assets and data are stored as decentralized property and transferred through blockchain technology utilizing Web 3 technology. Existing financial advisor’s software solutions (CRM, Portfolio Management System, etc.), are generally built on Web 2 rails. At Onramp, we are committed to bridging the gap of these various systems. By integrating with crypto custodians Gemini, Coinbase, and PrimeTrust, we are connected to the Web 3 world. At the same time, Onramp connects to existing Web 2 services through integration with innovative systems like Morningstar’s ByAllAccounts.

With this integration, data produced through a financial advisor’s crypto activity on the Onramp platform can then be sent through Morningstar ByAllAccounts and routed to third-party providers such as Albridge, Orion, Addepar, Black Diamond Reporting, and more. No more manually porting tedious crypto data such as account information, balance summaries, and transaction history from one system to another.

“At Onramp Invest, our mission is to connect the world’s traditional and crypto financial infrastructure so investors and their financial professionals can seamlessly invest, transfer, and build multi-asset portfolios,” states Eric Ervin, CEO of Onramp Invest. “Morningstar is a leader in technology solutions for financial advisors and the integration with ByAllAccounts is an exciting step toward our mission and allowing financial advisors to best serve their clients.” 

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