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No More Wires or ACH, Fund from Wallet is Here

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No More Wires or ACH

Watch this video to see how funding an account is as simple as a few clicks with Onramp Invest.

The other day we saw a tweet from our friend and financial advisor, Michael Policar, who said this about a certain custodian (check out the replies).

After talking as a group, we remembered Zach Ashburn CFP®, EA, had something similar to say several months prior. It’s clear that ACH functions can be used against investors to make it difficult for them to move their hard-earned wealth around.

Or how about this one from Michael Baker, CFP®, the black belt who poignantly stated what the future of money movement looks like. In an on-demand world of streaming services, google searches, and video calls, most folks have a hard time imagining the younger generation tolerating an infrastructure that is akin to the fax machine in a smartphone world.

Or how about this one from our CEO, Tyrone Ross, back in August of 2020, where he provides data to back the claim that the benefits of a faster payment system will impact millions of people for the better!

It’s clear, financial advisors and the clients they serve should have access to the innovative ways that assets are moved from one location to another. Therefore, we are excited to announce that investors can now fund their accounts through a simple wallet-to-wallet transfer. That’s right, no intermediary, no bank, just software that delivers your property to where you would like it at your discretion.

To learn more about how this can make an impact on you and your clients, use the form below to request access.