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DeerCreek Joins Onramp Academy as a Content Partner

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Onramp is pleased to announce a partnership with DeerCreek to provide content for Onramp Academy.

Dauntless in the pursuit of bridging capital markets with DeFi, DeerCreek is a specialized growth strategy and innovation consultancy that builds businesses at the intersection of finance and technology. The firm primarily offers expertise to institutional firms when onboarding into Web3 with the ultimate goal of closing the divide between traditional finance and crypto, DeFi and fintech.

The DeerCreek team leverages more than two decades of combined experience in fintech, venture, banking, and private equity as well as the networks that come with it. Their mission involves helping society move to new financial rails, systems, and platforms to eliminate waste and empower the individual. 

As a content partner, DeerCreek will help inform Onramp’s users on all things crypto and DeFi through articles, webinars, and other educational resources. The partnership will commence with a blog post, Digital Assets for RIAs: How to Prepare for DeFi, which is now live in the Onramp Invest blog.

Onramp plans to continue collaboration on educational content, as well as hosting live events with the DeerCreek team in 2022 that will take a deeper dive into the firms, its services, and its plans for the future. Further details on speaking engagements will be shared in the coming months.