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REPLAY: How to Implement Crypto Model Portfolios with Michael Batnick and Jeremy Schwartz

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Don’t call it a webinar!

Advisers love models. Over the last decade, model portfolios have become one of the primary forces reshaping the financial services industry. From an emerging trend to a must-have for every major RIA, adoption has been driven by flexibility, technology, and efficiency.

Due to cryptoassets being built on new rails, financial advisers have been limited in their ability to provide models to their clients that incorporate the innovative asset class.

Enter WisdomTree and Ritholtz Wealth Management, who published the first cryptoasset index strategy and powered it through Onramp Invest.

Now, we are excited to share how ALL financial advisors can access the same resources.

Topics covered:

  • The state of cryptoassets in financial services
  • The service and technology gaps Ritholtz Wealth Management needed to see filled
  • The RWM Wisdomtree Crypto Index, methodology, and more
  • How Onramp connects it all together for Ritholtz Wealth Management and helps them solve the regulatory, compliance, and operational hurdles
  • A quick tour of the Onramp platform
  • The cryptoasset “easy button”
  • Q&A
  • And much more!