Five Cryptoasset Tools I Wish I Had as a Financial Advisor

Don't Call It A Webinar (Replay)

Onramp Academy

february 10, 2022

Don't call it a webinar!

Join Tyrone Ross, CEO of Onramp Invest, as he shows you five tools that he wished he had as an advisor servicing his client's cryptoasset needs and how they can help your firm solve the operational, regulatory, and compliance hurdles.

In addition to these extremely useful tools, viewers will get a walkthrough of the Onramp platform and will get to see just how easy and succinct the onboarding and account opening process can be.

Topics covered:

  • Future outlook of the RIA landscape
  • A macro view of the cryptoasset world
  • The importance of adopting new technology
  • Onboarding your advisory firm
  • The power of linking held-away accounts
  • The importance of uploading a fee agreement during client account opening
  • Cryptoasset model portfolios on our platform
  • And much more!

Questions answered:

  • What are the account-type options?
  • If the advisor opens the account, how is ID like a Drivers License uploaded?
  • As per the fee agreement, are advisors including this in their AUM fee and charging that same amount? Or can that fee agreement be the flat financial planning fee and my counsel on what to do with their crypto from a planning perspective can be included here (which I prefer)?
  • Can RIAs today compliance-wise charge a consulting/flat fee to guide clients to buy crypto? Or is it limited to planning topics like estate, tax,etc? Thanks!
  • Does this platform help me help a client do tax planning easier?
  • Can you discuss how the platform keeps track of gains/losses and tax issues?
  • Is there tax lot management when selling coins bought in multiple lots previously?
  • Are trades submitted as a market order or limit orders?
  • What if a client want to hold their own keys or use a hardware wallet? Can we add their blockchain account addresses?
  • What is the timeline for piping all the info out to advisors and existing systems?

What are people saying?

  • Would enjoy you and Kitces talking about fiduciary issues.
  • So exciting. Thanks for helping us wade in the water!
  • The total energy of your co-founder is Contagious!
  • Tyrone is great! It was great to see the demo of the platform.
  • My favorite part was when Tyrone talked about a future without custodians because everything will be “on-chain.” The lights came on for me in a massive way. I also appreciated the connection between estate planning and crypto. The product demo and the Q&A at the end were also very helpful. I plan to buy Onramp Academy in the spring once I've finished with my annual client Investment Strategy & Planning meetings.
  • My goodness, your Dev team is outstanding. An incredible amount of work AND testing in 3 weeks. That’s terrific…Congrats to them for sure.