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Onramp Product Highlights: Digital asset reporting made easy

Why advisors need comprehensive reporting

We know that reporting is a critical tool for financial advisors to communicate, ensure compliance, manage risk, track performance, and ultimately provide value to their clients. The more reporting options you have, the easier it is to make informed decisions. We ensure advisors have access to detailed documentation across the investment process to provide clients with holistic, transparent insights into their portfolios.

Reporting on Onramp

There are seven different kinds of reports users can generate through our platform. 

  1. Fees Report 

The Fees Report provides a complete overview of all fees collected for a selected account or group of accounts. In addition to the collected fees, this report includes a summary of the upcoming fees collected on the chosen account(s). The fee report also includes a breakdown of these fees by type (account, advisory, asset manager, and model fees). This comprehensive fee analysis helps financial advisors and asset managers monitor their revenue and evaluate account profitability.

  1. Realized Gain/Loss

The Realized Gain/Loss Report provides advisors with a comprehensive summary of their clients’ actual gains and losses from investment transactions over a specific period. This report aids advisors in assessing the performance of individual investments and the overall portfolio, facilitating informed decisions on rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, and strategy adjustments. It also serves as a crucial document for tax reporting, helping advisors optimize tax-efficient investment strategies for their clients.

  1. Account Performance Report 

The Account Performance Report offers a detailed breakdown of an account or group of accounts’ performance over a specified period. This report can be generated in two modes: Summary and Detail. The Summary mode provides a high-level view of account performance, while the Detail mode includes in-depth information on risk metrics and analysis against a benchmark (SPY). The Account Performance Report equips users with valuable insights to assess and enhance portfolio performance.

  1. Rebalance Preview Report 

The Rebalance Preview Report, accessible from the SMA dashboard and the account power tools, offers a detailed breakdown of the estimated trades in every asset for every account the user is about to rebalance as part of a batch rebalance action. This report aids users in reviewing and validating the potential impact of rebalancing actions on the selected accounts before executing the trades.

  1. Model Performance Report 

The Model Performance Report presents a comprehensive analysis of one or more investment models’ performance compared to a benchmark (SPY) over time. This report allows financial advisors and asset managers to evaluate and optimize their investment strategies based on the models’ historical and current performance.

  1. Model Drift 

The Model Drift Report provides a detailed summary of all selected accounts and their drift amounts so that advisors can quickly understand the overall state of their accounts. Accounts that exceed user-defined non-compliance thresholds are highlighted so that advisors can easily track and identify accounts that exceed limits.

  1. Model Compliance

Model Compliance Reports, which are available to financial advisors, asset managers, and model providers,  offer detailed accounts of compliance, cash reserve status, and performance deviation. This report is intended to easily identify and differentiate any intentional or accidental deviations from the model.

What’s next for Onramp?

We are constantly building new tools for advisors to seamlessly invest in digital assets. Stay tuned for upcoming product releases and details about our growing platform. 

Want to see these reports for yourself? We’re happy to provide examples, and our team is here to walk you through them. Get in touch.