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Crypto Models for Financial Advisors

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Over the last decade, model portfolios have become one of the primary forces reshaping the financial services industry. From an emerging trend to a must-have for every major RIA, adoption has been driven by flexibility, technology, and efficiency.

Today, we are excited to announce that all financial advisors have access to crypto model portfolios and the RWM Wisdomtree Index!

Here’s a quick demonstration of how it works:

Finding an account, assigning a model, rebalancing, and saving the rebalance report is a breeze. Simply log in to your Onramp dashboard, select an account you would like to assign a model to, save the settings, and rebalance. In addition, advisors can go to the Onramp Academy to find fact sheets and other information about the crypto models to provide their clients.

The potential benefits of broad-based crypto model portfolios are compelling

  • Remove the guesswork of picking one coin over another
  • Add differentiation to your firm’s service offering
  • Help your clients own actual crypto and not a futures product
  • Take advantage of tax-loss harvesting
  • Reduce compliance risk by offering broad-based exposure to the crypto ecosystem
  • Increase confidence in communicating the impact of crypto holdings inside a traditional asset allocation

Further, if you decide to remove your client from the model, they don’t have to liquidate their coins and can keep their same Onramp account.

Want to learn more? Request access using the form below.