On Purpose, With Tyrone Ross

Advisers, Pay Attention to Stablecoins

Onramp Invest

January 18, 2022

On Purpose, With Tyrone Ross

“Advisers just can’t jump into this stuff without knowing the counterparty risk, smart contract risk and understanding all of the things that come along with DeFi.”


Infrastructure changes need to happen in the wealth management industry for stablecoins to become integrated.

In this episode of “On Purpose,” host Tyrone Ross will break down what financial advisers need to know about stablecoins. Everything from:

  • What they are to where they fit within the wealth management industry
  • A look at the largest stablecoins currently on the market
  • Current regulatory standings on decentralized finance
  • Possible risks and rewards for interested clients

As more and more clients become interested in stablecoins the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) industry will need to evolve in order to accommodate the latest technology into its existing infrastructure. Forward-thinking advisers will want to keep their finger on the pulse and stay informed to keep themselves equipped for success in a future full of stablecoins.

This show is produced, announced, and edited by Michele Musso with additional production support from Eleanor Pahl. The theme song is Walk With Swag.

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